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All other resources found on this website set and charge their own service offerings and fees. 

Mitch is available for speaking engagements that cover topics on this page and others.


I invoice my clients monthly at the end of each month (for work completed that month), and I appreciate payment in N10 days if possible.  I do like to encourage collaboration with my clients, so I don’t track short phone calls or even reviews of homework or other information you may want to send me as long as they don’t take over 15 minutes.  Once I hit that point the clock starts.  I am very flexible with my payment terms so please don’t let my fees keep you from calling me for a free consultation.  My goal is your long term success.  I do charge for meeting time, time spent on any homework assignments we may agree are assigned to me, and reviews of your homework/input.  If I am going to do something under an hourly rate basis I will give you an estimate of my time upfront accordingly.  Communication is key, so as the scope changes I will be diligent in documenting our plans and such updates will be considered changes to the scope of our agreement.   I do not typically charge for travel time unless it is something special, in which I will let you know in advance that at least some of my time needs to be covered.  When I do charge for travel, it is typically a discounted rate for one way only.   



This service is for someone with a business plan that would like my input regarding whether or not I believe they have a solid plan for either operational or funding purposes.  

I typically start this service by providing a prospective client with a copy of my book Mitch’s Pocket Guide to a Great Business Plan (coming soon on-line).   Most prospective clients who already have a draft business plan prepared take some time to  read this short guide and rewrite their plans based on what is outlined in the book.  I charge $750 to review your business plan (and pitch deck or other documentation you may have prepared) and $1,000 if you want me to provide a detailed review of your business plan and financial projections.  If you have both, I highly recommend you submit them both to me as it really makes no sense for me to review your plan without reviewing your financial projections.  My review is based on what is outlined in my book.  I provide a detailed written critique and will meet with you to go over the entire plan and my comments.  Once we are done you will have what you need to complete the plan.  Most of my clients typically then choose my Operational/Investor Ready plan to help them finalize their plans, executive summaries and pitch decks.


This service is for clients who need to build a solid business plan and/or financial projections for either operational or funding purposes.  The end goal is a well thought out, researched and documented business plan.  The plan will be defensible and succinct and provide information that investors and those who will help you implement your business plan will need.  It will become your operational guide whether you need funding or not.  If you are seeking funding this process will help determine how much you really need, provide an idea of what your business may be valued at by investors, and will include the development of an investor-grade executive summary and a pitch deck.  I will also provide some support rehearsing and preparing for your pitch.
For  this service, I charge a flat hourly fee.  I do like to encourage collaboration with my clients, so I don’t track short phone calls or even reviews of homework or other information you may want to send me as long as they don’t take over 15 minutes.  Once I hit that point the clock starts.  I like to work with my clients on what I call a homework basis.  We will agree to next steps, complete the homework accordingly, review/discuss/revise, and then move on to the next step.  Most of the homework will be yours as my goal is to get you to internalize everything we do to the point where you can pitch it and answer any/all questions thrown at you…whether that be investors, partners or employees.  A typical assignment for me winds up taking 15-20 hours of my time, which includes my developing your financial projections.  If you are good with Excel and can do that yourself, I will provide a start and direction and let you take it from there.  That would knock 6-8 hours off the total. Depending on your readiness and proficiency in Excel this service can run from $1,000 up to $5,000.


Under this service my sole duty to the client  is to assist you in preparing for introduction to potential prospective investors.  I am not a licensed or unlicensed broker, dealer, securities adviser, financial adviser or the like.  I am not a broker/dealer and am not registered to solicit your business for funding.  However, if you are ready I can make certain introductions and that is part of this service offering.  Under certain circumstances I may be able to solicit your business.
This program is really for someone who has a well developed business plan and financial projections.  If you have gone through one of my programs then you will have significantly better chance of success in obtaining the funding you seek at the most effective price (valuation) possible.  If you are ready for funding, I will create the accredited investor grade Executive Summary for you based on the information you have developed, or guide you through the process.   This will become the basis for your term sheet and security registrations.    Before you can solicit for any funding you must have proper legal representation and security registrations, I will help direct you to the appropriate resources.  Additional support services include helping you network with potential investors and investor groups, suggestions for investor groups for you to approach, support during negotiations, etc. While I can support you during negotiations you will need to hire a lawyer to support you.  All negotiations will be directly between you and the funding source,
The fee for this service is $400 for helping you complete the accredited investor Executive Summary plus a custom fee based on my hourly rate of $165 for additional support.  Note if you have gone through one of my programs in preparation for funding, the $400  fee is waived.   Any fees for soliciting your offering to prospective investors will be determined if certain legal conditions allowing for such arrangement can be met.


This program is for people with a business or investor pitch, or who just want to develop a pitch.  If you have a pitch I will help you refine it so you have content that should be presented to an investor audience and a pitch speech developed that is succinct.  I will prepare you for questions, too.  If you do not have a pitch I provide a template that you can fill out and then we will go from there.  I charge $500 to help you develop/finalize your pitch and if you want help and coaching actually practicing your pitch I charge $165/hour to listen and critique your delivery.


if you are interested in obtaining a grant I can help you complete the grant application to maximize your potential for success.  Grants are difficult by nature as many people chase free money and the motivations of the grantor drive who gets the money more often then the nature of the business or the true potential for long term success.  The best grant applications, the ones with a true chance for landing the money, can only be written by someone who has a solid business plan, financial projections, and pitch deck built.   For this service I will research the grant giver’s application process if I am unfamiliar with the grant you are interested in.  The final scope of work for this service will be determined based on your needs and my understanding of the grant requirements.  I highly recommend that before utilizing my Grant Support services, you engage me for my Business Plan Review program.  I charge a flat hourly fee for helping you complete the application through my reviews of your write-up. 


This program is for people with a business that is operational and or that just got funded.  This is a custom mentoring/coaching/consulting role for CEO’s and their leadership teams that could include elements of my other services.  We define projects and then define a plan to tackle them.  I charge a flat hourly fee for this service and if we agree to a specific consulting engagement I can provide firm pricing accordingly.  



  • Customer Loyalty Development
    Do you and/or your team really understand the concept of Customer Loyalty vs Customer Satisfaction? I will help you find that special secret sauce to help you standout among your market peers.
  • Goal Setting
    Do you and/or your team have formal goals established?  Do you measure them regularly to ensure people are meeting their goals?  Do you have a process to ensure everyone’s goals are aligned.  I believe in developing goals from a solid business plan to ensure alignment, and then developing daily/weekly task plans to support those goals.  Developing measurements and tracking systems helps you ensure goals are being met and that alignment is truly attained.  
  • Financial Business Review
    I will review your financial situation and help you determine what needs to change to improve profitability, fix problems, determine funding requirements, help you understand the key drivers to measure, and help you better understand your business.
  • Business Valuation
    I will help you determine your EBDITA in order to help you value your business for sale or other purposes.
  • Financial Statement Development
    I will help you implement a new financial accounting system, like Quickbooks or Peachtree, or even a simple EXCEL spreadsheet, depending on your needs.
  • Process/Metric Review/Development
    Do you have formal business processes? I will help you determine whether or not, and to what extent, you need them. Then I will help your team develop the necessary skills to develop and maintain those processes through a living re-engineering process.

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