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I met Mitch Bolnick at an Entrepreneurs club full of professionals and experts in their field.  As a marketing expert, I immediately picked up on Mitch’s demeanor, speech patterns and articulation of his intentions to tell me that he is a comprehensive thinker.  I knew I would enjoy meeting him.

When I sat down with Mitch, we first shared our experiences and naturally led into a mutual distribution of wisdom from each other’s expertise.  Towards the end of the meeting, and post realizing we have been talking for over 3 hours, Mitch realizes and shares a contact with me who has turned out to be an immense potential for my business.

Soon after, he does it again.  This time he gives me the name of a company that would solve an issue my business experiences and I received a call within minutes and decided to use them that day.  The second person he mentioned, is another grand potential

Mitch is an expert in Business Coaching! He practices impeccable listening skills which allows him to easily realize solutions for your problems. – Ray Chubb

Projects Current & Completed

Last Updated 7/14/17

Crystal Coffee

June, 2017 – July, 2017

Nick Cicogna came to me looking for a business plan to present to a landlord he was negotiating with to open his new drive through Arizona Coffee concept.  He needed a BP ASAP and was willing to accept the fact that he needed to develop it with my help.  My task was to develop the financial model and projections.  Working together intensly over a two week period we produced a feasible plan for presentation.  Nick is now in the progress of putting together an LOI to submit to the landlord.  I hope to continue working with Nick once he lands his lease to help him open and then develop a plan to grow into multiple locations.


Chef Zipora

March, 2017 – April, 2017

I met Chef Zipora and fell in love.  Her meatballs are incredible.  Her partner, Jennifer Markson, and I have begun working together to develop a business plan and determine the best means for going to market with Zipora’s food and healthy eating message.


Roth Learning – Currently Seeking Funding

March, 2017 – Present

Thomas Waite and his incredible team were critical members of the teams that launched Keller on-line school for DeVry and The University of Phoenix (Apollo Group).  They are now developing their own on-line platform for colleges and came to me for help in developing their business plan and obtaining funding.  We are currently working to finalize their business plan while simultaneously reaching out to various investor groups.


But I finished your book tonight (loved it) and got the team on the same page with moving forward for all things Mitchell!  You are nothing but common sense and I love it and require it.  Your advice and counsel has been invaluable.  The volume of interest is growing and, with that, we are going to reach the tipping point when funding will be secured. With your network and connections, I feel more confident than ever.
Thomas Waite, PhD
Roth Learning, Inc.


HOMAPP – Currently Seeking Funding

June, 2016 – Present

Rex came to me with an outstanding idea and a need for money. After research, out reach, and much discussion we have developed a solid business plan and financial projections. We have begun the search for funding so we can get the system built and fully launched. Note that this is world-wide business play with initial revenues coming from the Philippines.  We are now talking to people interested in implementing this application in other countries in the Carribean and South America.


Costa Verde Homes – Currently Seeking Funding

June, 2016 – Present

Jim was in need of raising funds for his investment business when I met him. I provided Jim the template for a business plan and then my input after he presented what he had created for my review. Jim did a great job and did not really require my support beyond the development of the plan.  I re-approached Jim recently and he is still seeking funding so we are working on finding him some potential investors to obtain the funds he needs to execute his plans.


The Platinum Experience

May, 2016 – October, 2016

Leslie Oestmann hired me to be her mentor and help her gain some direction to her business. During that time we worked on several aspects of her business, including developing a financial model she could use to show her clients the value of what she had to offer. Today Leslie’s business is growing and thriving.


Mitch is absolutely fabulous!  I made the scary decision 4 months ago to quit my full time job and make our part time business into a full time business.  Rebranding, hiring others and creating a business plan is a great challenge and I could not imagine doing this process without the help of Mitch Bolnick!  There is a reason we went from 4 properties to 22 vacation rental properties under management in 4 months!  First, he helped create a cash flow statement based off our historical revenue.  I knew we were producing high ROI for our clients, but I didnt know how well we were doing!  By having proof behind the numbers makes it so much easier to share our services!  Second, he helped create a financial model of our business so we know when to hire, month to month profitability and when its time to expand.  If you are starting a business or even re-branding, I could not recommend more of a professional than Mitch!



April, 2016 – January, 2017

Bruce came to me knowing he needed to understand more about what made his business tick. He hired me to do a brief assessment. After talking with the people on his team it was agreed we would develop a means for Bakerson to track activity and project financial results based on resource constraints. The optimal goal was to develop a good set of goals for the company that could be defended, tracked and measured. After some upheaval in the team the project has been put on temporary hold while some clean-up and preparatory activities are completed. After restructuring and implementing portions of the system we developed, further plans have been placed on hold.



March, 2016 – Present

Kristy is a lawyer with an amazing concept. I can not share it with you just yet, but she has engaged me to help her build her business plan and financial projections in order to help her identify the best strategic partners and obtain funding.  We are in the process of developing her business plan at this time.



February, 2016 – Present

Ayan found me on the internet and reached out to me. He had a business plan but was having no success in getting funding. He hired me to review his plan and then I worked with him to make improvements and also determine exactly how much funding he reasonably needed. We are now seeking funding for Ayan to expand his business to 7 new cities.


PyraTea (PyraBoost) – FUNDED! 

Feruary, 2016 – November, 2015

Phillip first approached me to see if I could help him fund his idea for a new organic herbal tea product. We worked extensively on his business plan, including research and outreach. In October, 2016 we prepared for a 60 second pitch at the Phoenix Funding Post event. After the event Phillip connected with one of the 12 investors in attendance. They have pivoted to a version of his original product  called PyraTea to a new powdered energy drink called PyraBoost that was launched in July, 2017.  I am now supporting Phillip as he grows his business now that it has launched.

Working with Mitch has been an exciting experience. He taught me how to build a solid business plan and how a business operates. Not only do we have an excellent working relationship but we have developed a long lasting friendship built out of trust and positivity.  I am very appreciative of all that Mitch has helped me with and will continue to help me with.  Thanks Mitch!

Phillip Mandella | Owner/Founder | PyraTea LLC


Elite Labs

October, 2015 – June, 2016

Amy came to me with a concierge mobile phlebotomy business with a goal to create her own blood screen lab and service. We began working on a business plan, but in the first quarter of 2016 her husband was offered a lucrative overseas position as a surgeon. As a result, Amy closed her business.


Focal Point Security

October, 2015 – Present

This client is a private company that designs and rents mobile closed circuit television (CCTV) security systems to construction and other commercial clients.  They also have begun designing, installing and supporting permanent commercial security systems too. I have worked with the owners on several projects to-date, including finding them an office space to rent.  At this time we are in the process of updating their business plan and financial projections in order to seek funding for growth.

I’m feeling more & more positive with each exchange.  We obviously have a lot of work to do and creating that model is key to making some decisions but I think we can make this thing successful.
Thanks so much!!!! Meghan Uhl



September, 2015 – February, 2016

Eric came to me with a plan to open a man cave….or a small coffee type shop.  After some market research and financial analysis Eric decided to open his cafe in conjunction with a beauty/health shop in Old Town Scottsdale while we worked on the man cave concept.  Since then Eric decided to close the cafe, shelve the man cave, and he is now working at Kadima, a start-up incubator, supporting others starting their businesses.

Mitch, in terms of beneficial learning your support and services were great. Looking at what the place might be capable of is also important. Though I realize it’s not practical right now to achieve those numbers, it shows you or is a good guide to show you maybe where you should be, if you’re not there.
I think looking at what I want to do and where I want to go with it, it is more motivational for me. The next person might not agree with that thinking and I can see that too.

Overall, I think it was beneficial for me as a new owner and getting into this crazy world.

Eric Classen


Torque Trends

March, 2015 – Present

This client is a private company working on obtaining financing for their new torque reduction boxes for use with electronic vehicles, including fleets.  In November they started to convert an F150 from the fleet of the City of Surprise for a trial of their product.  The study is scheduled to run for several months with the ultimate goal of obtaining a purchase order from the city to convert their entire fleet of F150’s.  They have several other fleet owners waiting for the results of the trial to convert their fleets.  In addition, the client’s product is being utilized in several designs for an international competition to develop a better electric vehicle.

Mitchell, we would like you to consider joining our Board of Advisers.  We turn to this board for insight and direction. Currently this involves 2 to 3 hours per month. It may or may not turn into an offer to serve on our Board of Directors, once formed.  Grace and I are both impressed with your knowledge and spirit and would be honored to have you on our advisory board. Mitchell & Grace Yow


Arizona Massage & Healing

December, 2014 – Present

 AZ Massage & Healing is a mobile massage therapy company that focuses on contracting with senior living facilities to bring their healing to these communities.  I helped launch the business in 2014 and have continued to support the owner as she grows.  After establishing goals for 2017 we are now managing the growth as we reach the targets established.

Mitch is great!  From the moment we met, it was a great connection.  What an super easy guy to talk to.  Mitch has helped me with so much.  From writing out a business plan and financial projections on my company to networking partnerships and endless emotional support.  I would not only recommend Mitch as a mentor, but as a friend.  You rock!  Niccol Walsh


Double T Consulting

November, 2014 – June, 2015

 Double T is aiding a client in the marketing of their business for sale and/or an infusion of venture capital.  I initially helped in the valuation of the business and in development of the offering prospectus.  I am now supporting Double T in the search for investors and ways to increase the value of their clients business.

Thank you for all of your help in preparation for the sale of this company.  I really appreciate your counsel and assistance in the valuation process and the review of the financial doc’s.  I expect to lean to on you even more as we move the process forward.  Also thanks for being so stingy with the billable hours.  If we can get this company sold, I’ll be able to more properly pay you for all of your valuable contributions.  Thanks again,  Todd Tamcsin


NewTrac Realty

October, 2013- April, 2014

Supported the launch of NewTrac Realty, a new residential property management and real estate brokerage.  The owner, Larry Adams, had been working as an Associate Broker under another brokerage and decided to open his own brokerage.  After he obtained his brokerage license I helped move his business data from the old office to his new system and to build the back-office system being used to manage the business.  I also supported Larry with several services during the launch of his new business.


Mentoring Current & Completed


Last Updated 2/18/17

Ira Fulton School of Engineering/ASU SkySong

September, 2015 – Present

Venture Mentor supporting the School of Entrepreneurship thru the Ira Fulton School of Engineering and ASU SkySong.  I mentor between 3-6 student teams in search of various grants to use for the next step of their business developments.  Along the way we also help groups who have a commercially viable concept build structure and develop their business plans.

Teams Mentored:

Aton:  Li Chengmin and Ali Gaskin have developed a better digital pen.  They have a rudimentary prototype built and are working on getting funding to build a full beta prototype.  We are also working on developing a business plan so they can seek funding after they graduate in May, 2017.

Befeathered:  Lewis Grimes works with molted bird feathers to create exquisite designs.  He is currently building his business plan so we can seek funding to launch his business. 

EpiFinder:  I met the EpiFinder team after they had been awarded a large grant from the Edson program.  They had been pitching their business idea and found interested vendors who wanted to see their business plan.  Several us helped the team put together their plan and financial projections (my role) and they were able to land $400,000 in funding to launch their business.  

Hoolest: Nick just started in the program but has a great concept for reducing anxiety that he is working on.  He is currently building a rudimentary prototype with the idea of seeking Edson grant funding to build a complete prototype.  He also is conducting industry and market research.

Jacidy: Michael Johnson loves coffee and hates finding coffee places.  He has developed a concept for token marketing for small business entities.  While the concept is new, and Michael is new to the program, we have begun the canvass process to develop his concept further.

Matex:  Sneha Shenoy and Subarrao Raikar are amazing aerospace mechanical engineers with two amazing technologies.  The first is a better way to deice airplanes that will drastically reduce the cost to industry while increasing reliability.  Their other idea has to do with controlling temperature with nano-phase change technology.  They are currently working on developing the prototype deicing liquid with the idea of licensing it to industry.

Sential:  Yashwanth and his team have developed a mechanical chest compression device for easier CPR delivery with significantly better outcomes.  They have received grants from the ASU Edson program, The Clinton Global Initiative and recently pitched for $30k prototype funding at the Flinn Foundation in Phoenix.  We are in the process of building a business plan to seek further funding. 

Smart Wall:  Sam came to the program with a patentable idea to make building construction utilizing concrete forms quicker and cheaper.  He has developed his IP and is working on building his plan to license the technology once his IP is in place.

Solar Water Solutions: I met this team through the e-Seed program and mentored them while they sought grant money to kick-start their business plan in Africa.  


ASU Venture Devil Mentor Advisory Board

January, 2017 – Present

Inaugural member of the advisory board of mentors helping ASU better define and refine their entrepreneurship programs.


Arizona Corporation Commission – Venture Ready

January, 2016 – Present

I am an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) supporting individual companies through the Venture Ready program.  The main goal is pitch development, but behind that we work on business planning and development.  I also sit on several Venture Ready panels where companies present their businesses and are provided feedback by a group of experts.

Teams Mentored:

Breezing:  NJ and his team have developed an amazing new technology to measure metabolism and help people lose and maintain their weight.  We are currently building out NJ’s plan to seek funding and have submitted for the ACC’s Arizona Innovative Challenge Grant Spring, 2017.


Arizona Business Council

November, 2015 – Present

I was honored to be selected as a member and adviser for the Arizona Business Council (see link to the right)


Grand Canyon University

August, 2016 – Present

This program is in its infancy.  So far I have supported the program through seminars.



August, 2016 – Present

Mentor in it’s entrepreneurship program.

Teams Mentored:

RentIt:  Peter and his team came to SeedSpot looking for help to determine whether or not their idea had a market fit.  After investigating their concept through the program they decided a pivot was required.  They are currently researching the market further in order to refine their concept.


ASU Changemaker Challenge

November-December, 2015

November-December, 2016

Judged for the final round to selection for the Arizona State University Grant program:


ASU Global Launch & Entrepreneurship

November, 2016

I worked with several student groups from the University of Guadalajara, at the ASU Global Launch & Entrepreneurship + Innovation, for a final competition in which students presented business plans they developed during the two week program.



November, 2015

Judged for the final round to selection for the State of Arizona’s submission to the national competition.  I have agreed to provide on-going support for one of the contestants, Arizona Vision & Hearing (


Edson Accelerator

September, 2015 – December, 2015

I mentored on Friday’s at ASU SkySong in support of several teams that have already received grants from the ASU Edson program.  One of the several teams I am spending extra time with is EpiFinder (   They have developed a software system that enables doctors to quickly identify they type of epilepsy a patient has in order to be able to target the proper drug much more quickly than can be done with today’s technologies.

Edson Grants

March, 2015

Judged for the second round to determine finalists to be submitted to the Edson family for final selection.


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