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Mitch was born and raised in Skokie, Illinois, a Northern suburb of Chicago.

Upon graduating with an MBA in 1985 Mitch was hired by GTE Network Systems in Chicago, Illinois as a financial analyst supporting their Information Technology department. Mitch worked for several successor companies over a period just short of 20 years, the final of which was Lucent TechnologiesMitch Bolnick.

In 2004 Mitch parted ways with Lucent Technologies and embarked on an analysis of business opportunities, developing several business plans in the process. The effort eventually led to the purchase of BCD Low Voltage Systems. Along with his partner, Mitch ran BCD until 2013 when it was decided to sell the business. After several months of transition Mitch parted the combined company on August 1, 2013.

After leaving Mitch started The Excel Consulting Group to help other entrepreneurs succeed for the long term.  Initially, Mitch helped start a new residential property management company, NewTrac Realty, and obtained his Arizona State real estate license. After obtaining a real estate license Mitch started pursuing opportunities in the commercial real estate market along with the business consulting market. Today, Mitch  supports several clients in both markets.

The Arizona State Real Estate License is currently “hung” with the Caliber Companies, Vanessa Berman Managing Broker caliber1

Mitch’s passion is to help other businesses excel. Mitch has found many rabbit holes to fall into during his diverse career and has learned many lessons the hard way as a result. Mitch’s goal is to help other entrepreneurs and leaders avoid mistakes. True strength and leadership does not come from making mistakes and dealing with them in an effective manner. Instead it comes from building leadership and structure to avoid making mistakes and succeeding for the long therm.  Get Mitch to help you make sure your business excel!


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